bassbediener OPEN STUDIO concert Kraków

with: Piotr Barnakiewicz (guitar), Piotr Sobczak (vocals), Jacek Dębski (drums), Florian Tuercke

recorded in Telkom Telos Kraków (PL) on the 15th of September 2019

bassbediener is a project for musical experiments and experimental music.

The core of the project are long string installations, which are used as musical instruments.

Tuned strings are anchored in the building structure and spread across the space. A spherical resonance body balances in the middle of the strings, halving the playable length of the strings and producing identical acoustic proportions on both sides of the instrument.

The strings are played with bows or mallets, whereby mainly the natural overtones of the strings are stimulated. Due to the (total) string length of 8 to 12 meters and the large volume of the resonance body (1 - 1.25 meters in diameter), the sound of the instrument ranges from sonorous basses to vocal-sounding highs.

Kosmisches Beispiel  Nr. 5

composition: Christian Jendreiko

with: Ludwig Abraham, Merlin Baum, Christian Jendreiko, Daniel Kiss, Roman Tönjes, Sebastian Tröger, Florian Tuercke, Christian Weiss

recorded in Bergerkirche, Düsseldorf (DE) on 31st of August 2013

concerts and performances with:

Ludwig Abraham (DE)

Ensemble Amadis (FR)

Merlin Baum (DE)

Piotr Barnakiewicz (PL)

William 'Bilwa' Costa (US)

Jacek Dębski (PL)

Sigurlaug Gisladottir (IS)

Christian Jendreiko (DE)

Daniel Kiss (DE)

Laura Konjetzky (DE)

Philip Konscek (DE)

Jeb Lewis (US)

Allison Lorenzen (US)

Norbert Nagel  (DE)

Wolfgang Riedelbauch (D)

Piotr Sobczak (PL)

Una Stigsdottir  (IS)

Roman Tönjes (DE)

Sebastian Tröger (DE)

Masaki Ueno  (JP)

Christian Weiß (DE)

Ladislav Zajac (DE)

Parcival  (rehersals)

The concert was conducted by Wolfgang Riedelbauch

and played by Christian Weiß and Florian Tuercke together with: Ensemble Amadis and Norbert Nagel

Liebfrauenmünster, Wolframs-Eschenbach (DE) 2012